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Tool support for structured drawings in automated feedback and assessment

Thursday, 4 March 2021

Arthur van Goethem and Erik de Vink of University of Eindhoven are currently developing ‘GraphChecker’, a Moodle plugin which allows teachers to pose quiz questions with a graph as the answer. This project was started because questions asking for structured drawings are very common in mathematics and computer science. Both Arthur and Erik are pleased to notice that several (4TU) colleagues have already shown interest in GraphChecker.

Why develop GraphChecker?
Compared to more traditional methods such as multiple-choice exercises,  the development of open-ended exercises based on structured drawings requires lecturers to be less concerned with the effects of guessing and weak distractor. It requires a higher level of cognitive understanding of students. The end product offers options for automated testing in both the formative and summative setting.

How it works
During quizzes, a GraphChecker question presents a student with a graph editor, in which they can enter their answer. GraphChecker features a user-friendly interface for teachers to edit questions. In particular, it contains a standard library of checks for various standard properties (such as ‘number of vertices’ or ‘connectedness’), which the teacher can select as requirements for the students’ answer without having to write any code themselves.

The plugin is open-source software available on GitHub, but it is also installed and ready to use on EdIn's OnCourse server. This project is financed by the 4TU.CEE Innovation Fund of TU/e.

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