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Participate in the Teaching Cultures Survey this spring!

Monday, 21 March 2022

The 4TUs, together with 16 other international universities, are participating in a longitudinal, cross-institutional study to capture the culture and status of teaching across the universities’ academic population. In 2019 the first Teaching Cultures Survey was held. This spring the survey will be repeated. We would like to invite you to participate. The survey will provide helpful information about how university teaching is regarded by staff over time. The aim is to conduct the final survey in 2024.


All academic teaching staff will receive an e-mail in April/May of their own university, with a link to the short questionnaire. We would like to ask everyone who receives this e-mail to take five minutes to fill it out. The more participants there are, the more robust the research!

Taking part is voluntary and confidential: no personal information is being collected and the data set will not be shared with the university. The study is being conducted by an external research team led by Ruth Graham, who will manage data collection, access, transfer and storage in accordance with the highest research standards. No data will be shared with any third party, and it will not be used for anything other than this research.


Participating universities will receive a report from the research team setting out the findings from their own institution, compared with the results from other participating universities. This report is expected in October 2022. We hope that you will support this study by filling in the questionnaire!