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Launch of 4TU-VO platform

Monday, 12 July 2021

Over the next five years, the four Universities of Technology will be building an online education platform for secondary education (VO). Secondary school pupils can use digital teaching modules to get a taste of the characteristic research and design of engineering education. The platform is an initiative of the four TUs in cooperation with secondary education.

Engineering education

The 4TU.VO platform prepares students for engineering education by means of challenging and cross-subject teaching modules in which students often solve technical challenges in teams. With the up-to-date knowledge they collectively have, the four universities can meet the need for up-to-date teaching material that textbooks often do not offer. For each subject, a story will be offered that fits in with the students' perception of the world. The development will be done in cooperation with Entrepreneurs Collective De Brouwerij.

The development of the platform itself will also be done according to the engineering approach of the four TUs. The development is therefore iterative and offers room for progressive insight. In five years' time, this approach will result in a mature platform that meets the needs of secondary education. You can follow the building process via the 4TU.Federatie website and the individual universities.

The 4TU.VO platform

The 4TU.VO platform is a progressive educational platform for engineering education. Each TU has a department that focuses on a good connection between secondary education and university education. What is unique is that these departments of the four TUs are joining forces and working together with secondary education. In doing so, they are working towards a distinctive, high-quality and broad range of educational programmes.

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