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Find inspiration for educational innovation on the new 4TU.CEE Innovation map

Friday, 6 November 2020

Are you looking for handy tools or valuable research to improve your teaching? Then visit the renewed Innovation map. Widescreen selection makes finding interesting education projects now easy. The information about the projects has been updated, and the number of projects on the Innovation map is near 250 at this moment.

Learning from education innovation

In a recent CDIO paper, projects on the Innovation map over the last four years have been analysed. It shows that the innovation priority of the 4TUs has been on solving present-day challenges in education, such as improving education design and optimising blended learning. Priority is now shifting towards topics such as future engineering skills, interdisciplinary education and teaching excellence. The purpose of the innovation map is to offer input for further university education innovation projects and research. It serves its purpose at its present scale of the four universities of technology. On a national and global level, it offers a flexible way for other university staff to learn from innovative education projects. The Netherlands Initiative for Education Research (NRO) is interested in using this approach on a national scale. Its use on an international level such as offered by the CDIO initiative is another option.

Join the community!

The Innovation map provides information on education innovation projects at the 4TU, including access to tools, research results, promising practices and much more. Get inspired, join the community and upload your own innovative project(s).