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Challenge Up: Elevating CBL implementation with your expertise! (Teaching tool)

Wednesday, 22 November 2023

In the latest 4TU.CEE webinar titled “Tools to support the implementation of CBL in higher engineering education”, Robin de Graaf, Adina Imanbayeva, and Raymond Loohuis introduced Challenge Up, an online teacher support and design tool for CBL implementation. This tool has been created by a passionate team from the University of Twente: Teaching & Learning Fellows, Centre of Expertise of Learning and Teaching (CELT), and the Mendix team of Library, ICT Services & Archive (LISA).


What does Challenge Up do?

Challenge Up serves as an evidence-based guide that helps navigate the integration of CBL principles into course (re)design. It helps visualise the gap between your current and desired CBL levels and, like a personalised mentor, provides you with tailored advice on making the leap effectively. This advice is customised to your input and offers concrete steps, key readings, best practices, coach contacts, and other essentials to ensure a seamless transition. 


Where are we now?

The software of Challenge Up is fully functioning, but it needs your invaluable insights, best practices, and lessons learned in CBL to come to life. We also seek your expertise to test and validate the tool, ensuring it aligns with a variety of teaching practices and users.


Why join us?

·       Empowerment: Assist fellow educators in implementing CBL realistically and responsibly.

·       Centralised Knowledge Hub: Unify the CBL knowledge developed in recent years in one accessible space.

·       Pioneering Future Initiatives: Contribute to lifelong learning programs and future CBL research endeavours.


How can you get involved?

Choose your level of engagement:

·       Dive deep: Become a part of the project team.

·       Share practices: Contribute your experience and expertise in our workshops.

·       Advise and influence: Join our sounding board.

·       Pioneer: Be a beta tester for the tool.

·       Share ideas: Present your ideas and provide feedback.

·       Try it out: Test Challenge Up in your own courses.


Seize this opportunity to be at the forefront of CBL innovation and connect with us today at More information about the tool and the intensity levels can be found on the website of Twente University.