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Update Advancing University Teaching and Educational Careers

Monday, 4 July 2022

The project team of project 2B ‘Advancing University Teaching and Educational Careers’ finally is finally complete! By the end of May, Romee Noorman joined the project team and a lot has happened since. 

Cooperation with other ‘Sectorplan’ projects

During a meeting with the project leaders of the ‘sector plan’ projects it appeared that more exchange of experiences and findings between some projects might be useful. Project 1B, which is aimed to attract and recruit scientific and educational talent to educate our students, is very interested in possible career paths that are developed in the TU’s. When it is clear what career paths are developed with what criteria, recruiters know what to look for and what to offer potential candidates. Moreover we can share push and pull factors that restrain /attract talented scholars to come work at the 4 Technical Universities.  

Recognition and rewards of education

On July 1 the Comenius Network, Universities of the Netherlands (UNL) and the Advancing Teaching Network led by Ruth Graham connected their networks to discuss questions regarding recognition and rewards of teaching on an event at the Trippenhuis in Amsterdam. During this event Remon, Romee and Sylvia discussed what evidence shows and contributes to the quality of education or development of a teaching professional with a variety of colleagues involved in education. Several possibilities and restraints were brought up; the conclusion is that some universities handle a variety of criteria to facilitate scientific staff taking career steps and some do not(hing). We can and will learn a lot from each other! 

Teaching Culture Survey

The survey has been filled in by a relevant representation of the teachers. The first findings have been shared with the contact persons of the universities. A full report is expected by fall.

Short term plans

Romee and Sylvia made an updated project roadmap. At the moment an inventory of career paths, criteria and policy instruments being operational or developed at the 4 TU’s is in the making. After the summer holidays, a meeting with as many stakeholders as possible will be organized to explore similarities and differences and to identify mutual best practices, pitfalls and learning points. Parallel possibilities to reach all relevant but not yet involved bodies and players are explored.