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14 Sep 2015
UT Education Day 2015 – Student Engagement
At the University of Twente, the Education Day 2015 will take place on Tuesday November 3rd (in the afternoon). The complete programme will be in English. We want to offer a varied programme: inspirational and practical how-to workshops, a key-note and a think tank. Whether you like practical examples you can immediately work with, or you want to have food for thought: weā€™re aiming to offer it all. Central theme of the Education Day will be the question how to motivate and engage students in there learning process.Ā Save the date (3 Nov) and follow the program on the UT websiteĀ 
11 May 2015
Adaptive Digital Testing @TUD
Digital Assessment offers new opportunities in adapting to the learning process of students. Adaptive Questioning is one of the most new and innovative ways to realise summative assessment, including amongst others feedback mechanisms to identify where the students actually go wrong in their though process when making a test question.
11 May 2015
Free Spirits Think Tank: Engineering the Future @TUD
In Januari 2015 a Free Spirits Think Tank has been startedĀ  at TU Delft including ambassadors from each faculty, student-members and members of the valorisation centre.
8 May 2015
7 Feedback Projects finished @ TU/e
In 2014, the theme of the TU/e CEE innovation fund was feedback. Being aware of what you know and what you donā€™t know, gives direction to studentsā€™ learning. Students therefore benefit from adequate feedback when performing their tasks. Goal of the innovation call was to encourage lecturers to use educationally innovative forms of feedback within their own educational setting to improve the feasibility of the study programs. A total of seven projects within this theme were selected and executed in 2014. The end results of all of the projects are distributed on the 3TU.CEE website innovation map in the next few weeks.
8 May 2015
Kristina Edström: Giving effective feedback
In February 2015, Kristina Edstrƶm, Associate professor in Engineering Education at KTH Stockholm and member of the CEE Advisory board, gave a presentation at the CDIO meeting on the effectiveness of teaching: ā€˜How can we maximize student learning with a reduced level of teaching resourcesā€™. In her presentation she gives eight ideas on how we can spend less time on things to improve learning. For example:
8 May 2015
Report: Comparing Bachelor Curriculum Innovations
The report ā€˜Comparing Bachelor Curriculum Innovations at the Three Technical Universitiesā€™ (Gommer, Klaassen & Brans, 2015) was published and can now be accessed through the CEE website.
8 May 2015
Student engagement, flipping the Math classroom @ UT
At mechanical engineering (UT) math education in the first year of the bachelor being taught in a new ā€˜flipped classroom setupā€™ to offer students more flexibility and stimulate active learning.
7 May 2015
Early announcement: Eric Mazur visits Twente in November
In November 2015, Eric Mazur, Physics professor from Harvard and Educationalist, will be visiting several universities in the Netherlands. On November 25th, professor Mazur will attend the University of Twente and share his ideas on Education & Assessment with us in a lunch lecture. Also, workshop will be organized by CEE where teaching staff from the 3TU can exchange ideas with Eric Mazur and work on further improvement of their education.
7 May 2015
The innovation map is online!
At each of the 3TU, engineering education innovation projects can be found that are very relevant to teaching staff and programme management. These innovations however, are often inaccessible for others outside the institution. A CEE project group with members from the 3TU cooperated to find examples of successful innovations in engineering education on seven educational themes. At this moment, 33 innovations are disclosed on the CEE website. More innovations will be added in the upcoming weeks and months.