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4TU.CEE WUR year report 2020 available

Monday, 18 January 2021

With great pleasure we present to you the 4TU.CEE-WUR 2020 year report.

The Covid19 crisis has made the past year challenging, and forced all of us to work largely online and from home. Therefore, we hope that this year report helps to obtain an overview of the innovations and activities that are being conducted in the 4TU.CEE context at Wageningen University. In the report, you will see that 4TU.CEE is engaged in more general projects and activities, relating to Blended and Online education for example, but also more Wageningen specific innovations, such as Boundary Crossing skills development, learning from Extracurricular Challenges and the Entrepreneurial Engineer. The report provides more detailed information on the various projects, but also provides an overview of activities, presentations and publications. View the report.