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4TU.CEE progress report 2019-2021 is available

Friday, 17 December 2021

During the past years, the 4TU.Centre for Engineering Education has grown into a recognised centre with expertise on educational innovations in engineering education. The visibility and reputation of 4TU.CEE has grown vastly within the teaching community of the four Universities of Technology and beyond. Dutch and international partners are eager to collaborate, either in the implementation of innovations or in their evaluation and dissemination of results. We look back on very successful years in which we managed to enrich the 4TU teaching community with workshops, projects and research on innovating engineering education.

We are proud to showcase a selection of our activities, projects and research over the period 2019-2021 in our progress report. These activities and projects are structured under the following themes:
(1) educating future engineers,
(2) interdisciplinary engineering education,
(3) engineering educational systems and
(4) teaching excellence in university engineering education.

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Like to know more about 4TU.CEE activities that we did? Read the Progress report! Are you also interested in the topics and projects that 4TU.CEE will be working on in the period that lies ahead? You can find them in our 4TU.CEE Strategic plan 2022-2025 or visit our website for upcoming events. Information about education innovation projects at the 4TU, including access to tools, research results, promising practices and much more can be found on our 4TU.CEE Innovation Map.