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4TU.CEE Strategic Plan 2022-2025

Thursday, 8 July 2021

The new 4TU.CEE strategic plan 2022-2025 has been approved by the 4TU Education Board. The strategic plan describes the topics and projects that 4TU.CEE will be working on in the period that lies ahead. 4TU.CEE is eager to support the development of future engineering education and help in establishing an empirical knowledge base on innovation in engineering education. We look forward to doing so with 4TU lecturers, researchers, support staff and our (inter)national partners.


For the upcoming years, 4TU.CEE will focus on 5 topics:  

  1. Educating for responsible engineering/the ethical and responsible engineer 
  2. Entrepreneurial learning/academic entrepreneurship
  3. Challenge-Based Learning: New forms of challenge-based learning (CBL) or challenge-based education
  4.  Teaching excellence in engineering education
  5.  ICT enhanced education and the digitally literate engineer

These topics are part of two main themes 4TU.CEE will focus on: 1) Engineer of the Future and 2) Future Engineering Education.

Read the 4TU.CEE strategic plan 2022-2025.