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4TU CDIO conference contributions

Tuesday, 4 October 2022

by Remon Rooij
[4TU.CEE board member and TU Delft’s CDIO liaison officer, Associate Professor Urbanism, TU Delft]

CDIO (Conceive-Design-Implement-Operate) is the global platform that shares insights and discusses today’s and tomorrow’s engineering education. Throughout the world, more than 190 universities are CDIO members, including our four Dutch universities of technology. The Annual International Conference is the key event for the CDIO community where engineering educators from all over the world come together, share their knowledge and educational practices, and promote the advancement of CDIO for producing the next generation of engineers. It includes presentations of papers as well as specialized seminars, workshops, roundtables, events, and activities. The 18th International CDIO Conference took place in Reykjavik, Iceland, June 12–15, 2022, hosted by the Department of Engineering at Reykjavik University. The conference included Full Papers, Project in Progress contributions, and Extended Abstracts for Activities. The Full Papers fall into three tracks: Advances in CDIO, CDIO Implementation, and Engineering Education Research. All contributions have undergone a full single-blind peer-review process to meet scholarly standards.

4TU was well represented via paper presentations, workshops, and roundtable discussions. For example, Ines Lopez Arteaga, Isabelle Reymen, and Chantal Brans from TU Eindhoven facilitated a forward-looking roundtable on ‘Designing the University of the Future’. And Kristel Aalbers with several TU Delft colleagues hosted a workshop on ‘Student Agency and Flexible Learning Trajectories in Engineering Education’ exploring how to stimulate and increase student ownership from an institute level, degree program level, and course level point of view.

Recently, all full papers became available via the CDIO 2022 Proceedings. 4TU is represented both in the so-called ‘CDIO Implementation’ papers and the ‘Education Research’ papers. The implementation papers focus on engineering education innovations and (activating) pedagogical practices. The research papers focus on educational scientific research on engineering pedagogies. Please feel invited to check one or more of our 4TU contributions; in particular when you are interested in themes such as challenge-based learning, gamification, reflection in problem-based learning, design education, student teamwork, (post-)Covid education, engineering education in vulnerable circumstances, and much more.

4TU CDIO Implementation papers

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