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Project introduction and background information

The studio is a pivotal pedagogical setting for teaching and learning to design in the faculties of IDE and ABE. But how do different studios define their focus and approach? How do they relate research to design? How do they integrate technology and engineering with spatial  design and visual idea development? How do they refer to, or make use of, practice and stakeholders from practice? How do they make students reflect on their design and learning process?

Objective and expected outcomes

The answers to the questions above are essential to not only better understand the similarities and differences between studios, but also to better understand the values and limitations of different studio pedagogies for student learning.

Outcomes or Deliverables

The outcome of this project is a well-documented and systematic description, evaluation and comparison of different design studio pedagogies from the master programs of the IDE and ABE faculties:

  • Architecture
  • Building technology
  • Design for interaction
  • Integrated product design
  • Landscape architecture
  • Strategic product design
  • Urbanism

Results and learnings

It is not easy to get to such a ‘well-documented and systematic description, evaluation and comparison’ of studio pedagogies because design studio cultures are very often implicit and connected to individual design tutors or design project coordinators.