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Webinar series: Challenge-based education at Aalborg University

Wednesday 23 June 2021 / 15.00 - 16.00

The 4TU.CEE webinar series on challenge-based-education at the 4TUs has nearly come to an end. In this last international session we have invited Aalborg University to inspire us with their challenge-based initiatives. Join the open debate about the best ways to implement challenge-based learning at the 4TUs and learn more about the experiences of Aalborg. 

Challenge-based education at Aalborg University

Aalborg University has a long history on Problem Based Learning (PBL), as of 1974, and all University programmes are based on the PBL model. The PBL based pedagogical model is internationally recognized.

In this session we will learn from prof. Anette Kolmos about Aalborg’s experiences in PBL and especially in understanding and implementing the change from a more traditional paradigm towards more student centred learning (CBL, PBL).  We will look at implementing CBL and PBL models and will gain deeper insight of implementing this change in Engineering Education at an institutional level.

About prof. Anette Kolmos

Anette Kolmos is Professor of Engineering Education and Problem-based Learning at the Department of Planning at Aalborg University. The aim of her studies has, among other things, been to research and disseminate knowledge and information regarding problem-based learning to the rest of the world. Apart from the history on PBL Anette Kolmos is an expert in understanding and implementing change in Engineering Education, especially in implementing student centred learning approaches similar like Challenge Based Learning (like Problem Based learning (PBL) and project based learning) on a institutional level.

More detailed information and the programme will follow.  


About the webinar series

This webinar series explores the many forms and variants of challenge-based education at the 4 Technical Universities in the Netherlands. Challenge-based education is propagated as “The framework for Education” preparing students for addressing complex challenges forwarded in the sustainable development goals. These represent the most significant challenges in society, such as climate change, covid 19 and many others in need of technological or other creative and innovative solutions. A challenge typically proposes a real-world and authentic challenge, creating deep, meaningful and purposeful learning, while bridging the gap between academia and society. Yet many questions on how to best realise this type of education remain. Therefore 4TU proposes a series of best practices of Challenge-based learning within each institution and an open debate on specific aspects of the challenge-based learning, and it’s many remaining questions in dire need of substantial educational research.

We are looking forward to hearing from 4TU staff about their challenge based initiatives and experiences and sharing our experiences! We wish to engage in an open debate about the best ways to implement Challenge-based learning at 4TU. Blogs and recordings are available of the previous webinars:

Practical details


23 June 2021


15.00 -16.00h




Free of charge for anyone working at 4TU.
Please note that the webinar is initially meant for 4TU staff. If sufficient place is available staff from other universities can also participate. This will be known one week before the webinar takes place.