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Workshops 'creating educational innovations that work'

Thursday 31 October 2019 / 11.00 - 14.00

Have you also been disappointed by the failure of a good innovative educational idea?

Then don´t miss the opportunity to follow (one of) these workshops on:

‘Creating educational innovations that work’

Are you involved in creating educational material from scratch and amazed by how many resources were wasted when that great idea turned out to be a failure? Join the 60 minute workshop(s) and learn how to create educational innovations that will help students achieve their learning goals. You will learn how to experiment with your ideas in a fast and affordable way through a validation process. One workshop will focus on validating problems, the other on validating solutions.

About the workshops

Failing fast and learning continuously is key to avoid wasting time on ideas that won’t work. Traditionally people validate the entire concept with their target audience at final release, which is a pity of time, money and effort when the concept fails. During these workshops you will learn how to validate your educational innovation earlier in the process. With this reflective approach you will make small but effective steps to reach your goals. Besides theoretical background, practical examples will show you do’s and don’ts in these exciting workshops. You will also work actively on real-life cases, so do bring your own!

“Validation: the process of gathering evidence and learnings around business ideas through experimentation and user testing, in order to make faster, informed, de-risked decisions.”

There are two workshops you can join: one focusing on validating problems, the other on validating solutions. You can join both workshops or chose one of them. Lunch is included for all participants.

The tools and principles are derived from the startup world. Millions of entrepreneurial people use them on a daily basis, not only to create innovations but to tackle daily life problems.

You will develop

After this workshop you will be able to apply several tools and principles in your early educational innovation projects for affordable and faster problem/idea validation.

For whom


Practical details

Date:               Thursday 31 October 2019
Time:               11:00 – 12:00 problem validation
                       12:00 – 13:00 lunch
                       13:00 – 14:00 idea validation
Location:          TU Delft, Teaching Lab, room 1.2. Landbergstraat 19, enter
                       through Pulse building
Costs:              Costs of the workshop are covered by 4TU.CEE + free lunch!
Registration:     through the 4TU.CEE website

For more information contact: Danielle Ceulemans