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Workshop 'How to beat procrastination'

Friday 30 August 2019 / 09.00 - 17.00
Learn how to help students to develop the mind-set and the capacity to start and finish their projects on time!

Workshop: How to beat procrastination

A 1-day workshop designed to support lecturers who struggle with procrastinating tendencies of their students. It´s been said that all procrastination is delay, but not all delay is procrastination. It will provide you with useful information and strategies that will support you in helping students to develop the mind-set and the capacity to start and finish their projects on time!

About the workshop

Procrastination is a behaviour which consists of postponing relevant work or projects that need to be performed, either by delaying the beginning of such work, or not being able to finalize it.

Procrastination is particularly pressing for students who suffer from fear of failure and/or paradoxically, fear of success.

This workshop will address the cultural and psychological underpinnings of the procrastination behaviour; who is at higher risk; what are the causes, the emotional signs and consequences of procrastination; and how it can be effectively addressed by lecturers.

Content topics:

After the workshop you will:

For whom:

Lecturers, study advisors and student counsellors of 4TU.


Drs. Marijke van Oppen; Senior Educational consultant |Cross cultural trainer 4TUCEE

Practical details:

Date:              30 Augustus 2019
Time:              9:00-17:00h
Location:        Impulse (Building 115), room NCounter, Stippeneng 2, 
                     6708 WE, Wageningen
Costs:             free of charge for anyone working at 4TU
Registration*:  through the 4TU.CEE website

*Note: registering for this workshop also implies that you will attend it. If you cannot be present due to circumstances, we urge you to cancel your registration at least 5 workdays before the start of the workshop. By registering you agree with these arrangements.