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Over Valorisatie

Knowledge institutions form the basis of knowledge generation and innovation. The 4TU universities (Universities of Delft, Eindhoven, Twente and Wageningen) have proven to be very successful in recent years through their collaboration with the business community and the valorisation of knowledge. Building on these successes and acting within existing policy (top sectors) and visions (Agenda for the Netherlands), the four TU's have expressed their ambitions in the area of knowledge transfer in the 4TU Impact plan.

Contribution to the knowledge economy

The 4TU Impact plan is designed to stimulate and upscale the development of the knowledge economy, building on existing (valorisation) programs and cooperation projects. Previously, this was mainly approached regionally. From a common 4TU approach, more can be achieved in the relatively short term. Read more about the plan (only available in Dutch).  


For more information, please contact the program manager of 4TU Impact: Roelyn van der Hoek
T 0031 53 489 2020