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Fri 20 Jan until 20 Feb 2023
Registration for Energy Community Day 2023 is Colsed
Registration is open until end of 20th Feb
Mon 31 Oct until 2 Nov 2022
Transform.Hackathon - for the future of energy
Nationaal Programma RES (NP RES), organiseren in samenwerking met het ministerie van Economische Zaken & Klimaat Transform.Hackathon.
Thu 20 May 2021 / 17.00 - 20.00
Wanna be the next Elon Musk? Information session Xprize
On the 29th of April the guideline for the Carbon Removal Xprize (from Elon Musk) was launched. The XPrize for Carbon Removal has a student team award with a total award of US$5M. Student teams can send in their proposals until the first of October 2021.
Mon 13 09.00 until 15 Jul 2020 18.00
EUROTHERM 2020 Caloric Heating and Cooling (CHC)
The first Eurotherm seminar on Caloric Heating and Cooling (CHC) will be held at University of Twente on 13th-15th July 2020. This seminar will gather scientists and engineers to present the state of the art and the modern trends in caloric heating and cooling technologies and to foster an environment conducive to exchanging ideas. Theoretical, numerical and experimental approaches will be presented for development of Caloric Materials & Devices. CHC seminar will include Plenary lectures given by keynote speakers followed by contributed presentations.
Wed 27 10.00 until 29 May 2020 18.00
Wind Energy Research and Trends in industry
Wind energy in the Netherlands powers 5.7 million Dutch households,; provides 7,500 jobs, reduces the CO2 footprint of the Netherlands’ power generation by 12%.By 2030, wind could power as much as 50% of the country’s electricity demand, further reducing the CO2 footprint of the country. 4TU performs a wide array of innovative research in Wind Energy: Lighter materials, cost-efficient design, smart O&M processes, optimal grid integration, alternative wind energy, wind farm optimization, recycling of turbine materials, and so on in cooperation with our industry partners. This seminar will stimulate cooperation and exchange of knowledge, which is key to a strong academic and industrial wind energy R&D community in the Netherlands.
Fri 7 Feb 2020
Symposium Smart Buildings
A large amount of data is gathered through Building Energy Management Systems. The big challenge is to utilize these data in a smart way to minimize the energy use in buildings and maximize comfort and air quality. This seminar is about exchanging knowledge and views on how Machine Leaning (ML) can contribute to this. What are the major research challenges in applying ML in the building sector? Should it be combined with more traditional approaches? And we will discuss what is needed to create mature solutions for large scale deployment of data-driven energy and comfort management.
Wed 27 - 29 Nov 2019
ECCM Graduate School
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