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28 Jun 2024
4TU.NIRICT Community Day 2024
ūüĒĒ We‚Äôre delighted to inform you that our annual 4TU.NIRICT Community Day will be held on October 16, 2024.
17 Jun 2024
Two projects awarded funding for 4TU.NIRICT & 4TU.Energy joint call for community building
For this first joint call for funding between 4TU.NIRICT and 4TU.Energy, we have received five eligible proposals. All of them are aiming for community building, and include collaborations between at least three universities out of Delft University of Technology, Eindhoven University of Technology, Twente University, Wageningen University & Research, and University of Groningen.
27 May 2024
4TU.NIRICT Community Day for newcomers, September 18, 2024
It is our great pleasure to announce that we will have a 4TU.NIRICT Community Day for newcomers on September 18, 2024.  
19 Apr 2024
4TU.NIRICT session on ‘Research Highlights on Sustainable ICT in the Netherlands’
On April 11, 2024, 4TU.NIRICT‚ÄĮ participated in‚ÄĮNWO ICT.OPEN 2024¬†and organized a ¬†session on ‚ÄėResearch Highlights on Sustainable ICT in the Netherlands‚Äô.¬†
4 Apr 2024
Call for Participation NWO ICT.OPEN track on Responsible Digital Society
4TU Researcher Aaron Ding (TU Delft) is organizing ICT.OPEN track on Responsible Digital Society together with Paola Grosso (UvA), taking place on 11th April 2024 in Utrecht. This ICT.OPEN track will feature a keynote by 4TU alumni Anne Fleur van Veenstra (TNO/Leiden) on responsible digitalisation, as well as 6 technical talks and 15 poster pitches, covering cutting-edge societal challenges including sustainability, trust, sovereignty and talent development. For topic relevance, the organizers would like to invite colleagues of 4TU NIRICT to participate in this annual NWO flagship event:
14 Mar 2024
4TU.NIRICT @ICT.OPEN 2024, April 11, 2-3pm
4TU.NIRICT session: Research Highlights on Sustainable ICT in the Netherlands 
23 Feb 2024
4TU.NIRICT & 4TU.Energy joint Call Community Funding 2024
4TU.NIRICT & 4TU.Energy join forces and facilitate, stimulate and support collaboration between researchers of the 4TU.NIRICT and 4TU.Energy community, increasing interdisciplinary collaborations. 
6 Feb 2024
Summary 4TU.NIRICT Community Day 2023
On December 13, 2023, our annual Community Day took place at Grand Hotel Karel V in Utrecht with the participation of about 50 researchers. The day started with a networking lunch followed by a short presentation by‚ÄĮMark van den Brand‚ÄĮ(TU/e) and Suzan Bayhan (UT). Topics covered during the presentation included NIRICT's focus and mission, some of the major accomplishments of the past year and the structure of the Community Day.¬† As the‚ÄĮthemes of 2022 attracted a lot of interest‚ÄĮand are still highly relevant, we had the same themes this year with the addition of the Sustainable ICT theme. All themes are related to the societal challenges we are currently facing and require interdisciplinary effort to be addressed effectively.‚ÄĮ¬†
19 Jan 2024
Do’s and Don’ts for a more Inclusive Environment for LGBTIQ+ Students in ICT
In June 2020, the 4TU.NIRICT research centre launched the¬†‚Äė‚ÄôDiversity-Equity-Inclusion‚Äô‚Äô (DEI) fund¬†to support projects that boost diversity, equity and inclusion within the 4TU ICT community.
15 Jan 2024
Call for Submissions – ICT.OPEN track on Responsible Digital Society
In the upcoming NWO ICT.OPEN 2024, we’d like would like to invite you to submit abstract to our track for Responsible Digital Society:
28 Nov 2023
Program 4TU.NIRICT Community Day
On December 13, 2023 our annual 4TU.NIRICT Community Day will take place at Grand Hotel Karel V Utrecht.
27 Nov 2023
Two projects awarded funding for 4TU.NIRICT call Community Funding 2023
In February 2023, the 4TU.NIRICT centre launched the 4TU.NIRICT call Community Funding 2023 to strengthen and support collaboration among researchers and practitioners of the 4TU.NIRICT community, increasing the impact of ICT research in The Netherlands. This call therefore explicitly aims to support all activities that help in strengthening the 4TU.NIRICT community and enable this community to start-up new research ventures by using this funding. The call is continuous, and applications can be submitted until the budget is depleted. Read more about the application guidelines and procedure here.
16 Nov 2023
LGBTIQ+ pioneers in ICT
Upon request of the 4TU.NIRICT Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) project "Building community of LGBTIQ+ ICT researchers" Samir Saidi designed a poster to highlight and celebrate some of the most important LGBTIQ+ contributors to the field of ICT and their achievements. It was inspired by the Notable Women in Computing project (, the purpose of which is to highlight the fact that women have been leaders in computing from the start, but not enough of their contributions are remembered. Similarly, they would also like to highlight the fundamental, significant contributions to ICT that LGBTIQ+ people have made.
13 Nov 2023
Succesfull Dagstuhl Seminar on Edge-AI
From October 22-25, 2023, Eyal de Lara (University of Toronto, CA), Aaron Ding (TU Delft, NL), Schahram Dustdar (TU Wien, AT) and Ella Peltonen (University of Oulu, FI) organized a successful Dagstuhl Seminar on Edge AI with 4TU, German and international participants:
12 Oct 2023
Register for the 4TU.NIRICT Community Day 2023
It is our great pleasure to announce that we will have our annual 4TU.NIRICT Community Day on December 13, 2023, and we would like to invite all staff members related to the 4TU.Netherlands Institute for Research on ICT to participate.