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Vision, mission and strategy

ICT is a very broad field in which 4TU.NIRICT focuses on the interface between Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. To fully realize the potential of ICT to the benefit of society and industry, it is important to bring ICT researchers together from the fields of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and from different institutes. To tackle new ICT challenges, it is also important to address problems from an interdisciplinary perspective. As 4TU.NIRICT, we aim to contribute to this through pursuing the following vision, mission and strategy:

Vision: Creating a collaborative 4TU ICT community by bringing the ICT research disciplines together for a flourishing Dutch society and industry.

Mission: 4TU.NIRICT aims to address ICT challenges in the context of a connected world. We contribute to advancing ICT in engineering and technology development, to better practices in these areas, and to innovation in education in ICT. We do this for the relevant stakeholders including ICT researchers, educators, and practitioners by bringing these groups together with community building activities.

Strategy: 4TU.NIRICT stimulates first of all the interaction between, and cooperation of, researchers, educators and practitioners in the areas of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. In addition, 4TU.NIRICT seeks collaboration with other disciplines to address multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary challenges in order to realize the potential of ICT to contribute to society and industry. These goals are implemented by means of community building activities and stimulating collaborative projects across the borders of these disciplines. Second, a number of challenges related to ICT are well recognized within the ICT community and it is important to get these on the agenda of national and European funding agencies. 4TU.NIRICT facilitates and stimulates its researchers to play an active role in that process. Third, a flourishing community requires that all 4TU.NIRICT members can participate and fully develop their talents. To foster such an environment, 4TU.NIRICT supports projects to increase diversity, equity and inclusion in the community, and stimulates debate and exchange of ideas on how to shape our academic culture through its community days.