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Tue 16 Apr 2024
4TU.Energy Community Day
4TU.Energy’s foremost emphasis lies in strengthening the bonds within the community while simultaneously concentrating on research and education. One of the annual activities that serves this purpose is the 4TU. Energy Community Day, which serves as a platform for researchers to forge connections, expand their professional network, and seek inspiration from their peers.
Thu 11 Apr 2024
4TU.NIRICT @ICT.OPEN 2024, April 11, 2-3pm
4TU.NIRICT session: Research Highlights on Sustainable ICT in the Netherlands 
Wed 13 Dec 2023
4TU.NIRICT Community Day 2023
It is our great pleasure to announce that we will have our annual 4TU.NIRICT Community Day on December 13, 2023, and we would like to invite all staff members related to the 4TU.Netherlands Institute for Research on ICT to participate.  
Wed 19 - 21 Apr 2023
Workshop combinatorics in digital communication
The goal of this 3-day international workshop is to bring together researchers working on the interplay between digital communication and discrete mathematics. The event is funded by NIRICT and is explicitly designed to foster collaborations.
Wed 19 - 20 Apr 2023
NWO ICT.OPEN brings scientists from all ICT research disciplines and industries together to learn, share ideas, and network.  The conference will take place on 19 & 20 April 2023 at the Jaarbeurs, Utrecht.
Thu 20 Apr 2023
4TU.NIRICT will participate in NWO ICT.OPEN 2023 in Utrecht, April 19-20, 2023 and will showcase some past and present research activities from the NIRICT community, as well as outlining our vision for future actions. We organize a presentation session and will participate in poster sessions.    
Wed 22 - 24 Mar 2023
Workshop on Demand Flexibility in Cyber-physical Energy Systems
The main goal of the workshop is to discuss the challenges posed by the decarbonization of energy systems and to emphasize the importance of close collaboration between ICT and electrical engineering solutions for a successful energy transition.
Mon 14 Nov 2022
4TU.NIRICT Community Day
Invitation and registration 4TU.NIRICT Community Day
Sat 22 - 30 Oct 2022
Project exhibited at Transitions, 4TU Design United
22-30th October, Dutch Design Week (DDW) - Klokgebouw 10 - Eindhoven - The Netherlands
Fri 7 Oct 2022
Official Book Presentation and Debate DEI4embodiedAI
7th of October 2022, Location: University of Twente- UPark, Time: 15:00 - 16:30, Max: 40 participants
Wed 5 Oct 2022
D&I in IDE How to design, research and recruit with an inclusive mind in diverse settings
5th of October 2022, Location: Wim Crouwell Hall, Ide - Door: FACULTY OF INDUSTRIAL DESIGN ENGINEERING, TU Delft, Website
Tue 4 Oct 2022
Workshop Tangible Social Justice, Tools and techniques to promote reflexivity in AI and beyond
4th of October 2022, Location: DesignLab, room Inform, University of Twente, Time: 15:00 - 17:00. Max: 20 participants
Wed 6 - 7 Apr 2022
ICT.OPEN2022 | 6 and 7 April 2022
Fri 19 Nov 2021
DEI4EAI and Design Methods
Fri 5 Nov 2021
DEI4EAI and Race