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Anne Haitjema
01 | Improving the accuracy of orientation estimation from gyroscope data: A data simulation study
Antonio G. Hernandez
02 | In vivo characterization of neural and contractile properties with resulting musculoskeletal function
Aurora Ruiz Rodríguez
03 | HEROES of the sea. Home-based Exergame for Enhancing Resistance to Falls after Stroke
Bouke Scheltinga
04 | Estimating 3D Ground Reaction Forces during Running using 3 IMUs
Cécile Bosmans
05 | Single-cell Bioprinting for Joint-on-Chip development
Chayan Bishayee
06 | Unprecedented potential of laser processing as a tool for microfluidic medical device production
David J. L. Ramada
07 | Development of Hemodialysis Membranes for Outside-in Filtration
David Payares-Garcia
08 | Poisson Cokriging: A Geostatistical Model for Multivariate Health Rate Data
Dieuwertje Alblas
09 | AI-based Assessment of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms
Hanneke Reuvekamp
Hayo Bos
11 | Master surgery scheduling with nursing ward constraints
Hugo Markus
12 | Unraveling crosstalk between neuroblastoma and bone marrow mesenchymal stromal cells
Jaimy Simmering
13 | Dynamic behavior of the aortic arch before and after branched TEVAR
Jedidja Lok-Visser
14 | How to design an urgent care team in home healthcare?
Jody Geerts
15 | Cognitive Bias Modification against fatigue in different patient populations. User acceptance and preliminary effects
Julia C. M. Pottkämper
16 | Association between the preceding number of electroconvulsive therapy-induced seizures and postictal EEG recovery
Julian Suk
17 | Symmetry enables data-efficient velocity estimation
Junhao Zhang
18 | Estimation of Sagittal-plane Whole-body Angular Momentum During Perturbed and Unperturbed Gait Using Simplified Body Models
Kim Wijlens
19 | Development of toolkit to monitoring cancer-related fatigue in breast cancer patients
Nina Doorn
20 | An in vitro and in silico neuronal network model to unravel genetic encephalopathies
Pardis Farjam
21 | Adhesive for Fixation of Polyurethane Implants to the Bone
Peng Li
22 | Investigating the role of wrist-worn technology in telemonitoring Parkinson’s disease in daily life: a literature review​
Robin Buter
23 | Spatial risk analysis of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests
Rupsa Basu
24 | Detecting fatigue in sports data via time-uniform martingale bounds
Sander Dijkstra
25 | Outpatient clinic blueprint scheduling with limited waiting area capacity
Stef Baas
26 | Fair Balancing of COVID-19 Patients over Hospitals
Dennis van de Sande
27 | Conditional VAE for Single-Voxel MRS Data Generation
Emma Moonen
28 | Wearable sweat sensing device for monitoring sweat rate from single glands in sedentary state
Israel Campero Jurado
29 | Innovation4Health (I4H) creating intelligent solutions for cardiac patients, cancer patients and PSV players
Lisanne Bergefurt
30 | How the physical workplace influences employees' mental health at home and at the office
Maud Linssen
31 | Towards Continuous Cytokine Monitoring in Organ-based Platforms
Mengyan Guo
32 | Vitality Glow: A Novel Approach Based on Socially Engaged Urban Art to Motivating Public Physical Activity
Mike van Santvoort
33 | Mathematically mapping the network of cells in the tumor microenvironment
Roel J. H. Montree
34 | Accurate pulse transit time estimation in low sampling frequency environments using parametric normalization
Terese Hellström
35 | Clinical features for AI based pancreatic tumor detection
Xiang Yu
36 | Co-design the work well-being
Yunjie Liu
37 | Development and Evaluation of a Decision-tree Based Dietary Monitoring Chatbot: A conversational agent facilitating long-term dietary behavior self-management for Cardiovascular Patients
Yuwen ZHAO
38 | Individual Momentary Experiences of Neighborhood Public Spaces: Results of a Virtual Environment Based Stated Preference Experiment
Hasti Garjani
39 | Stackelberg evolutionary games of cancer treatment: Tumor stabilization as an alternative to delaying progression
Kailas S. Honasoge
40 | In silico modelling of force dependent focal adhesion (dis)assembly
Laura J.-Storbacka
41 | Matching Algorithms untangle Cause and Effect in Oncology
Marco Locarno
42 | Astra and the Nanoparticles
Esther Kok
43 | Short-wave Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging for Predicting Closed Sandwiches’ Toppings
Michele Tufano
44 | Traditional programming to count bites automatically