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New position paper of the TechMed Centre

Friday, 21 April 2023
A new updated version of the TechMed Centre position paper is available online. This position paper is the result of an intensive update process.

In December 2022, the TechMed Centre Team and the Management Team started the updates, after which there were rounds of coordination with the five domains, the programmes, all faculty boards, some core stakeholders from within and outside the UT and the health discipline council.

This position paper describes the vision, mission and core strategy of the TechMed Centre.  Guided by our mission to enable sustainable and personalised health by means of technology, the TechMed Centre aims to act as the interface between the UT and our partners in the outside world, embracing the core strategic principles to (i) focus on having an impact on society, (ii) facilitate cross-disciplinary and cross-sectoral collaboration, and (iii) foster an integrated approach on education, research and innovation.  

Furthermore, it provides an overview of the three core pillars of activities of the TechMed Centre: education and training, research and development, and innovation and collaboration. It ends with an overview of the governance of the TechMed Centre, the support activities, and the (shared) infrastructure.

A new updated version of the TechMed Centre position paper is available online.