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App demonstrates importance of broader treatment approach to narcolepsy

Thursday, 21 March 2024
TU Eindhoven

App demonstrates importance of broader treatment approach to narcolepsy

PhD student Laury Quaedackers studied how a special app can improve the quality of life for people with narcolepsy. She defended her thesis on March 21 at the Department of Industrial Design.

Narcolepsy is a rare but serious sleep disorder. People with narcolepsy fall asleep involuntarily at random times. In addition, episodes of muscle weakness triggered by emotions are a common symptom. However, people with narcolepsy appear to experience many more symptoms that may require treatment and counseling. PhD student Laury Quaedackers has demonstrated this on the basis of data collected with a special app, ‘Narcolepsy Monitor’, which was developed by Kempenhaeghe’s Center for Sleep Medicine alongside Eindhoven University of Technology and Sleep-Wake Centre SEIN, among others.

For her PhD research at the section Future Everyday of the Department of Industrial Design, healthcare psychologist Laury Quaedackers conducted a number of clinical studies on children and adults with narcolepsy. Among other things, this revealed that concentration and memory problems, social problems, fatigue, depressed mood, and anxiety or panic symptoms are common in narcolepsy in addition to drowsiness.

These symptoms also often change over time. This prompted the development of a special app, ‘Narcolepsy Monitor’, which allows a wide range of symptoms to be tracked over time. Analysis of the app’s data demonstrated a diversity of symptoms in narcolepsy, greatly impacting functioning in daily life with effects at school or work and in relationships.


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