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Symposium: Paradigm shifts for Global One Health

Tuesday 23 - 25 April 2024
Wageningen University

Symposium: Paradigm shifts for Global One Health

The One Health (OH) approach is critical for the prevention of future pandemics, and more broadly for achieving optimal health outcomes for all species. Bringing it to action is the leading recommendation of most reports that were produced as a reaction to the COVID-19 crisis. During this action oriented symposium we bring experts together.

The One Health approach requires the active collaboration between fields of expertise that do not typically collaborate. It requires expertise in human, animal, and ecosystems health, but equally important is the input from social scientists, experts in land-use and agricultural systems, virologists, epidemiologists, climate change experts, anthropologists, economists and agronomists, and decision makers from civil society. The symposium facilitates further adoption of the OH approach by bringing national and international experts from these disciplines together. Where we will discuss state-of-the-art research projects and how to tackle current and future obstacles in further adoption of this approach. Importantly, the event will offer a podium to early career researchers, as well workshops that will give tools to help participants with interdisciplinary collaborations.

Symposium topics

  1. Making One Health happen: designing suitable legal, governance and policy frameworks
  2. Striking the right balance: healthy environments, resilient and productive agrifood systems
  3. Controlling and eliminating zoonotic diseases
  4. Curbing the silent AMR pandemic
  5. Early detection and characterisation of new emerging pathogens
  6. From One Health signaling, surveillance to response