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The 4TU.Energy Community Day in retrospect

Monday, 27 March 2023
This is a day full filled with inspiration and interaction; this is a day as a start of communication and collaboration.

The 4TU.Energy Community Day in retrospect

(Overview of downloads of Program/Presentations/Pitch/Posters and can be found at the end)

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On Monday 27 March 2023 we gathered together for the first 4TU.Energy Community Day at the Green Village, TU Delft. Sha Lou, coordinator and David Smeulders, scientific director welcomed the audience.


Open Call for Funding

The 4TU.Energy Community Day marks the official launch of the 4TU.Energy Open Call for Funding. The aim of this call is twofold: ideas are welcome for activities (1) and for rapid research projects (2). Please contribute with ideas, the board strives to consider applications continuously. Read about the application procedure on the website.   


Energy Research ‚Äď in-depth scientific presentations

A series of scientific presentations were held. Maja R√ľcker (TU Eindhoven) held her presentation on ‚ÄúDigital Rock Technologies for hydrogen storage in subsurface reservoirs‚ÄĚ and Mina Shahi (UTwente) held her presentation on ‚ÄúDecarbonizing heat and the role of heat storage‚ÄĚ.

In the afternoon, Thejas Hulikal Chakrapani (TU Delft) held his presentation on ‚Äúproject ADMIRE: A Multiscale Framework to Enable Underground Hydrogen Storage‚ÄĚ and Akbar Asadi Tashvigh (WUR) held his presentation on ‚ÄúMembranes for sustainable energy and chemical manufacturing‚ÄĚ.

Thank you Maja, Mina, Thejas and Akbar for your contributions during the day, such as chairing the morning and afternoon sessions.

Pitch Sessions ‚Äď A broad overview of Energy Research

During the 4TU.Energy Community Day at least 20 participants pitched their research for the audience, well done all of you! The topics ranged from a societal perspective, such as the governance and societal effects of the energy system transition, to engineering topics, such as hydrogen storage and detection, heat storage and conversion, biomass, the use of CO2 as a raw material, modelling of supply and demand systems, etc.

The winner of the Best Pitch is Keerthivasan Rajamani (UTwente) and the winner of the Best Poster is Gijs Wensink (TU Eindhoven). Congratulations!

Zooming In, Zooming Out: Telescoping to accelerate the energy transition

Andrea Ram√≠rez, full professor of Low Carbon Systems and Technologies¬†at TU Delft, held a key-note speech entitled: ‚ÄúZooming In, Zooming out: telescoping to accelerate the energy transition‚ÄĚ. She pointed out that there is no silver bullet for solving complex problems. One such complex problem is to defossilise industry:¬† we have to look at a wide range of products and source materials (feedstock), in addition to the energy sources that the industry uses. Andrea suggests that although these problems are complex, it is worthwhile to work out an overview of the trade-offs of each decision in solving problems related to the energy transition.¬†


The Green Village: an open field lab contributing to the energy transition

During the second half of the afternoon, the participants were introduced to the Green Village by Arnoud van der Zee, program manager Energy Transition in the Built Environment at the Green Village, followed by an inspiring guided-tour in the Green Village.

Energized by this event? See you at the next!

Thank you for visiting the 4TU.Energy Community Day. We look forward to meeting you again!
We will keep you posted on events in the near future.

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