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Wanna be the next Elon Musk? Information session Xprize

Thursday 20 May 2021 / 17.00 - 20.00
Join the 4TU information session about the studentteam award Xprize (Elon Musk)
“Seeking passionate students at TUD, TU/e, UT and WUR who want to tackle the problem of climate change and who really want to contribute to reducing CO2”

On the 29th of April the guideline for the Carbon Removal Xprize (from Elon Musk) was launched. The XPrize for Carbon Removal has a student team award with a total award of US$5M. Student teams can send in their proposals until the first of October 2021.

In-Scope Solutions for the student teams awards

Any carbon negative project is eligible to win prize money provided it removes CO2 from the air or oceans, and sequesters it in a durable way. Teams may compete in any of the major carbon removal pathways or some combination of the pathways. This list is not intended to be exhaustive.


As 4TU, the federation of TU Delft, WUR, UT and TU/e, we would love to support students who are willing to help tackling the climate change. For that reason we are organizing an information session about the XPrize. During this session we will explain more about the XPrize student team award and the possibilities to support teams.  If there are enough enthusiastic students we can set up matchmaking session(s) creating intra or cross university student teams. PhD’s can join the team(s) as well!

During the information session there will be several speakers:

Information session

An information session will take place on Thursday the 20th of May at 17:00 - 20:00. During the session there will be a virtual connection between the 4 TU’s, who will all organize an information session for their students at the same time. This session is open for all students and PhD's within the 4 universities who are interested in joining Xprize Carbon Capture student award. Free pizzas are included! 

Register for the information session at: