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Tuesday 16 April 2024
Evaluation Form for Energy Community Day 2024

Evaluation for 4TU.Energy Community Day 2024

4TU.Energy is a relatively new community. Therefore, we have a strong desire to continuously improve our community-building activities. Based on the feedback we received from last year's Community Day, we made an effort on to improve the poster session and we added sub-sessions to this year's programme. 

Please let us know how you experienced the Energy Community Day 2024. We have ten questions for you to answer. Your feedback is highly valued. Thank you very much! 

Questions relating to the goals of the 4TU.Energy Community Day 2024

2. The main goal of this event is to boost collaboration. Did you gain valuable contacts/access to networks within 4TU?

3. Statement: "In general, 4TU Energy is valuable to my research collaboration"

4. Considering collaboration, what do you expect from 4TU.Enegry in future activities/events?

Questions regarding the programme

For the next event, which scientific topics are you interested in?

For the next event, what kind of format (e.g.pitch/workshop) are you interested in?

Questions regarding the organization of the Community Day