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Workshop 4TU. Responsible Sustainability Challenge @ TU/e

Saturday 13 May 2023

Responsible Sustainability Challenge (RSC)

a 15 ECTS project for Master Honours students (or students on a similar track)

The 4TU.Responsible Sustainability Challenge is an initiative of the 4TU.Centres High-Tech Materials, Energy and Ethics & Technology. This course started (as a pilot) on 14 November 2022 (Q2) and conclude with a central symposium on 22 June 2023 (Q4). 

Public live event in Eindhoven (TU/e) on 13 May 2023 about Entrepreneurship Workshop

The live event on 13 May is a part of the RSC course, with the theme of Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Energy. Due to the big value to general students as well, now it's open to the public:

What are you going to hear:

Professor Smeulders is the section leader of Energy Technology at Eindhoven University of Technology and Chair of Engineering Thermodynamics for Energy Systems; he is also the scientific director of 4TU.Centres of Energy. What is his opinion about the challenge of sustainability? Join us for the Keynote Presentation!

Through the gate, startups are ready for take-off. The Gate is the expertise of offering honest and independent advice to starting entrepreneurs. At the gate, the business developers provide information and guidance on workspaces, financing, training and coaching to entrepreneurial students, scientists, and tech starters. It's always wise to get yourself prepared for facilitating your own ideas into practice!

SOLID is an ambitious student team of Eindhoven University of Technology that aims to enable access to clean and renewable energy for anyone, at any time. With 22 interdisciplinary students, an ecosystem for iron fuels as circular energy carriers are created. Let's join the journey of Team Solid and let's have the great opportunity to ask questions!

Who are you going to meet:

Dr. Shoshan Abrahami; Dr. Maja Rucker; Dr. Mina Shahi

Last chance to register yourself (open for all master students who are interested in sustainable energy and entrepreneurship) for this live event

Please visit this website to register (mandatory for non-RSC students in order to adjust the catering):