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The latest 4TU.AMI news and a news archive that dates back to 2012. Here you can search for specific topics.
1 Sep 2023
4TU.AMI summer event in Delft
Report of the 4TU.AMI summer event that took place in Delft on 27 June 2023.
24 May 2023
Winner Mathekalender 2022
After his outstanding achievement in the 2021 edition of the annual Mathekalender, Max Tinkelenberg has successfully defended his title as the top-scoring Dutch high school student participating in the calendar. In fact, not only did Max outperform all the other Dutch participants, he became the joint overall winner of the Mathekalender 2022.
10 May 2023
4TU.AMI and University of Groningen join forces
Recently, the 4TU.Federation announced that a number of its centres and institutes will join forces with the University of Groningen (UG).
31 Mar 2023
Winners SIAM Hackaton 2023
The team Robo Go'round -with UT PhD student Tjeerd Jan Heeringa as one of its members- were the overall winners of the SIAM 2023 hackathon, which was held as part of the Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (CSE23) in Amsterdam.
20 Mar 2023
4TU.AMI session during NMC 2023
Just like in previous years, one of the parallel sessions during this year's Netherlands Mathematical Congress (NMC) will be devoted to 4TU.AMI. The session, held on 12 April, consists of five talks on state-of-the-art health-related mathematics.
23 Dec 2022
Winner Mathekalender 2021
Max Tinkelenberg (Rijnlands Lyceum, Oegstgeest) was the top-scoring Dutch high school student of the Mathekalender 2021.
19 Jul 2022
Successful 4TU.AMI summer event in Eindhoven
The first 4TU.AMI networking event since the outbreak of the corona virus took place in Eindhoven on 5 July. The around 50 attendees enjoyed the opportunity to introduce themselves to their colleagues and initiate new contacts and collaborations.
15 Jul 2022
RECENTRE - New 'High Tech for a Sustainable Future' programme
The RECENTRE proposal, aiming to empower patients to play a leading role in their lifestyle and health within their own environment , has been selected as one of the four ‘High Tech for a Sustainable Future’ 4TU programmes.
14 Jul 2022
Winners Mathekalender 2020
Kevin van Dijk (Stedelijk Gymnasium Nijmegen) and Thian Tromp (Christelijk Gymnasium Beyers Naudé, Leeuwarden) were the top-scoring Dutch high school students of the Mathekalender 2020 and both received a €500 prize sponsored by 4TU.AMI.
3 Jun 2022
New 4TU.AMI program manager
Ellen van den Bos-Moodij recently started as the new 4TU.AMI program manager (0.2 fte), responsible for the daily management of 4TU.AMI together with scientific director Johann Hurink.
1 Apr 2022
Launch 4TU.AMI newsletter
We're launching a newsletter to share successes, announce events, highlight research projects, introduce new staff members, invite collaboration, report on outreach activities, discuss developments in math education, et cetera.
31 Mar 2022
4TU.AMI summer event on 5 July 2022 (save the date)
Join us during our summer event on 5 July on the campus of TU Eindhoven. The main purpose of the event is to get to know new colleagues, explore common research or teaching interests, invite collaboration, and catch up with old friends.
29 Jul 2021
New 4TU.AMI PR/communication advisor
After graduating with an MSc degree in Applied Mathematics from the UT in 2006, Pim did a PhD in the Algorithms & Complexity group at Durham University (England) followed by a 4-year postdoc in the Algorithms Research group at the University of Bergen (Norway). His research focused on algorithmic graph theory and parameterized complexity. During his time as an MSc and PhD student, Pim was involved in outreach activities and taught in secondary schools both in the Netherlands and England. In 2014, Pim took up a lecturer position at Hogeschool Rotterdam. He then joined ORTEC in 2017, where he worked as an Operations Research Engineer in the team responsible for the development of ORTEC’s vehicle routing software. As of September 2020, Pim is a lecturer at the Department of Applied Mathematics at the UT.
15 Jul 2020
Interview new director AMI.4TU
Johann Hurink (UT) is taking over from the current director Kees Vuik (TU Delft) as of 1 July. We talked to Hurink about his plans for 4TU.AMI, how he sees the future of mathematics and what the greatest strength is of the 4TU alliance.
14 Jul 2020
Blended learning project ends
Within the 4TU.AMI Blended Learning project, joined forces (TU/e, TUD, UT and WUR) came together to bring blended learning of mathematics to the next level. In this 4-year project, it became clear that collaboration is crucial. Successes and lessons learned are being shared among the math community.