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To promote and strengthen mathematics in the Netherlands, AMI offers funding for events in the field of applied mathematics.

Why funding?

 4TU.AMI aims to stimulate and encourage academic collaboration. Strengthening the community will increase the impact of our research. Therefore, 4TU.AMI has allocated part of its budget for events between the four Dutch technical universities. Examples of possible events include workshops, mini-symposia, colloquia and summer schools. Furthermore 4TU.AMI has created the opportunity to apply for funding for writing a research proposal. 

Preconditions for funding

Applications for funding should include co-applicants from at least two of the four technical universities in order to be considered for funding. Only academic staff can submit a request for funding.

Applications will be ranked according to their scientific merit, visibility in the community and relevance in strengthening collaborations within 4TU.AMI. Co-organization of events  and research proposals across 4TU is stimulated.

The maximum amount of funding is € 5000. In individual cases, the 4TU.AMI Management Team may allow higher requests.


The procedure consists of two main steps:

Step 1

  1. Download the request form for organizing a scientific meeting or writing a research proposal.
  2. Complete this form and send it to

Applications can be submitted continuously. Applications will be evaluated by the 4TU.AMI Management Team during their bimonthly meetings. Applicants will be notified of the decision on acceptance within two weeks after the decision has been made.

Step 2 when applying for funding for organizing a scientific meeting.

After a funded event, 4TU.AMI expects to receive:

  1. An invoice together with a financial statement documenting the event.
  2. A short scientific report.
  3. A popularized summary of the proceedings that can be used for presentation on the 4TU.AMI website and possible press-release.
  4. Some photos of the event.