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Information for contributors

Information for 4TU.AMI employees who want to contribute to the Mathekalender.

How can I contribute to the Mathekalender?

With over 6000 participants from Germany, Europe and the rest of the world, theĀ MathekalenderĀ is an important part of theĀ outreach activities of the Berlin Mathematics Research CentreĀ MATH+ and 4TU.AMI. Every year, the Mathekalender challenges are created by researchers from MATH+ and 4TU.AMI.

We very much invite 4TU mathematicians from Delft, Eindhoven, Groningen, Twente and Wageningen to contribute a challenge for the next edition of the Mathekalender!

Practical information

Each Mathekalender challenge:

Ideally, your challenge is inspired by one of your research projects. If this is the case, please provide a short description of the project and the connection to the challenge.

To get an impression of the kind of problems we hope to receive, pleaseĀ consult the extensive MathekalenderĀ challenge archive. (TheĀ illustrations are created by an artist after the challenges have been received by the Mathekalender team in Berlin.)

Submitting a challenge

Please submit your challenge, the 10 possible answers, and the full solution by email to, preferably using this LaTeX template:

Don't hesitate to contact the team of the MATH+ Advent CalendarĀ or us atĀ ami@4tu.nlĀ if you have any questions about (contributing to) the Mathekalender.

Thank you for your contribution!