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Blended Learning project

Developing didactics, formats and materials for blended learning and online Mathematics education.

Blended learning


4TU.AMI financed the Blended Learning project, aimed at the development of blended learning and online education. The project investigates educational and technical aspects of blended learning to be used within the four universities for a variety of modules, including calculus, linear algebra and statistics.


2016 - 2020


The Blended Learning project provides digital educational resources and online testing for various courses, both in the universities’ own teaching, service teaching and preparatory education. Since 2018 there is a repository where digital educational resources are available to professors.

As a result of the project, more digital and blended material has been developed at the four universities of technology. There now is the Delft Project Innovation Mathematics Education (PRIME). In Eindhoven the departmental group Education Innovation (EdIn) has been established. In April 2019, the project group organized the successful conference Mathematics Education: the next decade and beyond.

The project attracted the attention of the Executive Boards and the Minister of Education, Culture and Science and is considered a figurehead project within SURF.

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