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Tue 17 Apr 2012
Workshop Indefinite 2012
Workshop on “Recent developments in the solution of indefinite systems” Date: 17 April 2012 Location: TU Eindhoven             Programme: Indefinite Workshop 2012.pdf Audience: This workshop will be useful both to researchers dealing with applications that give rise to saddle point problems and to developers of effective solution techniques for the resulting equations. Organization: Wil Schilders (TU Eindhoven), Kees Vuik (TU Delft), Mike Botchev (University of Twente)
Thu 12 Apr 2012
NMC 2012
Nederlands Mathematisch Congres Date: 12 april 2012 Location: TU Eindhoven Audience: This conference attracts a large part of the Dutch mathematical community Subject: Next to two plenairy talks there are four parallel minisymposia sessions on topics in applied and pure mathematics, and a more broadly accessible presentation. The General Meeting of the Koninklijk Wiskundig Genootschap will be held during the congres. Also this year PhD students are offered the opportunity to present their results to a broader audience. The best presentation will be rewarded the Philips NMC Prize. Besides, a poster session will be organized for all PhD students and postdocs Organization: Faculty of Mathematics at TU/e ( G.J. Woeginger).
Mon 30 Jan until 3 Feb 2012
Study Group Mathematics with Industry / SWI2012 Date: 30 January - 03 February 2012 Location: Dept of Mathematics and Computer Science, TU/e Audience: PhD and staff members from The Netherlands and Belgium Subject: This study group takes the standard form including the presentation of problems, selecting the teams, (eventually: intermediate reports), presentation of solutions, feedback moment from the owners of the problem Organization: Adrian Muntean , Alessandro Di Bucchianico, Jan Draisma, Remco van der Hofstad, Mark Peletier, Antonios Zagaris, Marko Boon, Jan-Jaap Oosterwijk Website:
Thu 1-24 Dec 2011
Mathekalender 2011
Date: 1-24 December 2011 Audience: studenten Subject: Het Duitse wiskunde-instituut MATHEON organiseert al enige jaren een adventskalender. Elke dag, van 1 t/m 24 december, wordt op een vakje "geopend" waarachter een wiskundeprobleem verschijnt met 10 mogelijke antwoorden. Die problemen zijn niet gemakkelijk (soms van het niveau van de finale van de Nederlandse Wiskunde Olympiade), maar de oplossing ervan vergt in principe geen geavanceerde wiskunde. Net als vorig jaar werken de wiskunde-afdelingen van de drie Technische Universiteiten van Delft, Eindhoven en Twente, verenigd in 3TU.AMI (Applied Mathematics Institute), ook dit jaar weer samen met het MATHEON. Verscheidene opgaven zijn bedacht door wiskundigen van 3TU.AMI. Verder stelt 3TU.AMI een laptop beschikbaar als prijs voor de Nederlandse scholier die de beste score haalt. Daarnaast stelt het MATHEON elke dag prijzen beschikbaar en elke deelnemer kan daarnaar meedingen. Het is een individuele wedstrijd, maar het kan leuk zijn om met een groep of schoolklas te proberen om samen het goede antwoord van een opgave te vinden. Het zou mooi zijn als een Nederlandse scholier de wedstrijd wint! Organization: MATHEON Website:
Thu 27 Oct 2011
AMI Autumn Spectacle 2011
Date: 27 October 2011 Location: VNO building; “De Malietoren”, Den Haag Audience: researchers and teachers mathematics ,administrators of TU’s, universities, TNO, GTI’s, CWI, managers of industrial R&D. Subject:  Industry Show. Math in Industry; an invisible engine. Organization: Dr. Mike Bochev (UT), Dr. Dorota Kurowicka (TUD), Berry Schoenmakers (TU/e)
Fri 14 Oct 2011
Future Energy Networks
Future Energy Networks: Mathematical solutions for European gas network management Date: 14 October 2011 Location: The Dutch Embassy in Berlin Audience: invitational conference  Subject: Present a German-Dutch research-program on 'optimization of energy-networks in Europe' - focus on gas networks. Also the launch of the Energy network optimization Programme. Read more..... Registration: By invitation Organisation: TWA, MATHEON &  3TU.AMI Sheets: can be found here
Mon 10-12 Oct 2011
YES workshop Adaptation in Nonparametric Statistics
Date: 10-12 october 2012 Location: EURANDOM, TU/e Subject: The quality of statistical inference essentially depends on how complex we assume the underlying statistical model to be: generally, the richer the model, the worse the quality of statistical inferences. On the other hand, if the proposed model is too simple, it may not be able to provide a reasonable fit to the data. In an adaptive setup, instead of one particular model one deals with a family of models, often ordered or embedded from simple to complex. Depending on the statistical problem at hand (for instance, regression function estimation, testing hypothesis, confidence set), the general problem of adaptation is, loosely formulated, to design a so called adaptive method for solving this statistical problem which performs in multiple model situation as good as in a single model, or, if this is not possible, with the smallest loss of quality Organization:Angelika Rohde, Eduard Belitser, Geurt Jongbloed Website: Website: 
Wed 5 Oct 2011
Woudschoten Conference 2011
Date: 5-7 October 2011 Location: Woudschoten, Zeist Audience: PhD and staff members from The Netherlands and Belgium interested in Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing Subject: In 2011 the selected topics are:Computational Methods for Images and Mimetic Discretizations Registration Organization: Prof. Jaap J.W. van der Vegt (WSC /UT)
Mon 12 Sep 2011
Outreach day STAR cluster
Date: 12 September Location: EURANDOM, TU/e Audience: PhD and staff members from The Netherlands and Belgium Subject: The stochastics cluster STAR is organizing an Outreach Day on the topic "Road traffic and stochastics", in collaboration with the 3TU Applied Mathematics Institute (3TU-AMI) and the Committee for Innovation of Platform Wiskunde Nederland (PWN). Organization: Ivo Adan, Onno Boxma, Arnold Heemink, Michel Mandjes, Sindo Nunez-Queija. Website: