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RECENTRE 4th consortium meeting

The 4TU.RECENTRE project held its 4th consortium meeting on May 23, 2024, at the University of Twente. The consortium members envisioned a future that the  RECENTRE program could create by immersing themselves in a virtual reality future home scenario. Through discussions, they reflected on present actions needed to realize this future vision.

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RECENTRE at the ARPH 2024 conference

At the 13th conference of Association for Researchers in Psychology and Health in Maatricht, WP5 took the stage. WP leader dr. Christina presented her literature review on virtual reality for pain management. 

During the event, tenure tracker dr. Judith Austin was awarded the annual PhD award for her PhD thesis ‚ÄėCompassion in turbulent times: The co-design and mixed methods evaluation of a mobile self-compassion intervention for people with cancer.‚Äô

Representing the RECENTRE project, PhD candidate Kai Rosen discussed his scoping review ‚ÄėChanging your lifestyle with virtual reality: a scoping review of interventions for people with chronic- or life-threatening somatic conditions‚Äô. This review and the interesting exchanges at the conference offer much inspiration for WP5 to build their upcoming projects on.

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Young Investigator Award for dr. Annemieke Witteveen

Tuesday 16 April 2024 the 23rd NABON-BOOG symposium took place at the Antropia, Cultuur- en Congrescentrum in Driebergen Zeist. Several speakers presented recent highlights in the development of breast cancer treatment and diagnostics. 

During the event, RECENTRE program leader dr. Annemieke Witteveen was awarded with the BOOG Study Centre Young Investigator Award for her research in Personalized eHealth Technology for Oncology related to breast cancer. We will continue this important research in the RECENTRE program.

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RECENTRE Makes Waves at Medical Delta Event

RECENTRE was presented in the recent Medical Delta event on March 12th, 2024. WP1 took the stage at the event, pitching innovative projects and driving collaboration. They presented groundbreaking proposals, sparking collaboration and discussions among industry leaders. Here is a link to the slides: 

RECENTRE at the Dutch Design Week!

The DesignLab from University of Twente put together an immersive experience for the public named The Cookery, an interactive exhibition on collective shaping of futures using the metaphor of cooking.

Recently, RECENTRE PhD Anna Coiciu had the pleasure of engaging in vibrant discussions at The Cookery, representing the RECENTRE project. We delved into a crucial dilemma: using technology in healthcare for chronic diseases while preserving human connection and avoiding digital dependency. 

People shared diverse perspectives, like valuing "Children's Curiosity‚ÄĚ igniting captivating discussions, sharing their concerns of technology in healthcare or how it may contribute to advances in facilitating treatment of chronic disease. Although overall more positive perspectives were prevalent in the discussions.

Let’s continue this dialogue! Share your viewpoint on the dilemma:

RECENTRE represented at the Dutch CardioVascular Alliance and Federatie Medisch Specialisten

Agnes Berendsen talked about the possibilities of her research in RECENTRE at the DCVA and FMS. More information? See:

RECENTRE joined NL-India innovation mission

From 20-25 November the Dutch government organized an innovation mission to India focussed on digital health and oncology where RECENTRE program leader Annemieke Witteveen (UT) was invited. Several visits were made to top institutes such as the National Cancer Institute - India (AIIMS), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Bombay) and the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).

RECENTRE team composition

The RECENTRE team has grown in the first year! In the 21-person RECENTRE team  there are eight different nationalities, the male/female ratio is 7:14, and the scientists work in 12 different disciplines ranging from technical medicine to electrical engineering, and from behavioural sciences to nutrition & dietetics.

The composition of the research staff is 1 programme coordinator, 1 programme manager, 11 programme members, 6 new Tenure Trackers and 3 PdDs. In the coming months 3 more PhDs will be added to the team.

Also, other High Tech for a Sustainable Future (HTSF) programmes are at full strength now. More information can be found here:

Brightful Minds

RECENTRE Tenure Tracker Agnes Berendsen contributes to the Brightful Minds series and talks about her research and career path. Interested? Read her entire story via the link below.

RECENTRE kick-off meeting

After the successful pre kick-off meeting at TU Delft on 9 February 2023 the official RECENTRE kick off meeting was hosted by Annemieke Witteveen at the University of Twente on 13 April 2023. Goal of the meeting was to get to know each other, brainstorm about possible collaborations and define the ideal future we aim to achieve with the RECENTRE project. We started with highly interactive lectures to understand the expertise of all partners in the consortium. After the coffee break we continued with a card game about responsible futuring under the enthusiastic guidance of the UT DesignLab. As time was very limited we plan follow up sessions of this card game in our upcoming RECENTRE consortium meetings. We ended the kick-off meeting with a speed dating session at the eHealth House of the University of Twente. Representatives from all work packages had short, rotating 1 on 1 meetings with other work packages to brainstorm about collaborations and define action points for follow-up. The RECENTRE kick-off meeting was a great success. The next consortium meeting is planned at the TU Eindhoven on 7 September 2023.

From left to right: Judith Austin (WP5-UT), Arlene John (WP2-UT), Christina Bode (MT, WP5-UT), Agnes Berendsen (WP4-WUR), Tina Nane (MT, WP1-TUD), Meyke Roosink (WP7-UT), Marco Raaben (MT-UT), Annemieke Witteveen (MT, WP2-UT), Oded Raz (MT, WP3-TU/e), Laura Winkens (WP6-WUR), Ana Coiciu (WP6-WUR).

RECENTRE represented at the expert session for the Dutch Cancer Agenda

The Netherlands Cancer Collective, a collaboration of KWF, IKNL and NFK, is working towards a national agenda with priorities for cancer research which are in line with the EU cancer missions. RECENTRE program leader dr. Annemieke Witteveen was present at the expert session on March 9  and contributed to the session focussed on lifestyle. 

RECENTRE program leader dr. Annemieke Witteveen received KNAW Early Career Award

On February 14, RECENTRE program leader dr. Annemieke Witteveen was presented with the Royal Academy of Science (KNAW) Early Career Award for her research on Personalized eHealth Technology in Oncology. The award is given to early career researchers with innovative and original research.  

Dr. Annemieke Witteveen received KNAW Early Career Award.

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Henk Stassen Award for RECENTRE program leader dr. Annemieke Witteveen

On January 27 2023, dr. Witteveen was awarded with the Henk Stassen Award for connecting medical and technical science at the Biomedical Engineering Conference at Egmond aan Zee.

Agnes Berendsen presented at FoodforThought van Alliantie Voeding in de Zorg

RECENTRE Tenure Tracker Agnes Berendsen presented her research at the FoodforThought event organised by Alliantie Voeding in de Zorg on 21 October 2022. More than 80 participants attended the 21st Food for Thought symposium to share ideas and discuss about the future of nutrition. More info? See: