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Building community of LGBTIQ+ ICT researchers

The goal of this project is to create a healthy community of LGBTIQ+ researchers working on different areas of ICT. Climate in the engineering disciplines is problematic for LGBTIQ+. At the moment, initiatives targeting LGBTIQ+ ICT-researchers are either local and not ICT-specific, or ICT-specific but consider multiple diversity axes. As it is in general easier to relate to someone similar to oneself (phenomenon known as homophily in sociology), we believe that LGBTIQ+ community specifically focussed on ICT can benefit the researchers more than a broad LGBTIQ+ research community that encompasses all disciplines. Moreover, this community will strengthen the cross-institutional ties supporting ICT research as a whole. To create the community we plan several activities amongs other things; two workshops, a cross-institution mentoring scheme, a list of educational DOs and DONTs creating a more inclusive environment for LGBTIQ+ students in ICT etc. 

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We designed a poster to highlight and celebrate some of the most important LGBTIQ+ contributors to the field of ICT and their achievements.

Download the poster here: