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Calls for Funding

4TU.NIRICT Research Impulse 2021 

The goal of 4TU.NIRICT is to strengthen and support collaboration among researchers and practitioners of the 4TU institutes working in the ICT domain. It promotes cross-disciplinary collaboration beyond institutional boundaries, as well as the diversity and inclusion of the Dutch ICT research community. In this way it intends to increase the impact of ICT research in The Netherlands.

Call for Proposals
With this call, 4TU.NIRICT solicits applications for financial support for already running ICT research activities or new (planned) activities that could benefit from start-up funding. This support is meant for funding the non-permanent research staff, such as PhDs, postdocs or scientific programmers, or activities strengthening or enabling the ICT research projects compatible to 4TU.NIRICT goals. The funding is available to be spent in 2021, possibly in combination with other funding an institution already has secured for the intended ICT research. The funding can be used for a single researcher or a team of researchers. It can be deployed to cover personnel’s costs, the costs of infrastructure necessary for the ICT research in question, or the costs of dissemination or community-building related to this research.

Application guidelines
In order to apply for funding, submit a proposal in the following format describing the five items mentioned below. The page limit is one A4.

1. Who are the applicants?
State i) title and name, ii) position, and iii) affiliation (section/department & university) of the applicant(s). For the contact person, also add email and phone number. At least one of the eligible applicants is a scientific staff member from a 4TU-affiliated university.

2. What will the funding be used for?
The proposal must address research with ICT signature, incorporating aspects of both computer science and electrical engineering. Briefly describe the research project and the aspects that could benefit from this funding. Explain why these aspects could not, or are difficult to be funded by other sources.

3. How much funding is requested?
For this call 4TU.NIRICT has allocated a maximum budget of €50k per 4TU-affiliated university. Proposals may request funding up the budget per university. The requested funding is expected to be in balance with expected benefits for the 4TU.NIRICT community. Please include in your proposal a contextualized breakdown of costs to motivate the requested amount.

4. Why is it supporting the goal of 4TU.NIRICT?
Describe how the 4TU.NIRICT research community will be strengthened through the proposed activity and what the added value is of conducting this in the 4TU context.

5. When will the activity be carried out or the funding be used?
In view of the fact that the funding must be spent in 2021, give a planning of the work and/or scheduling of the activities to be funded.

Evaluation Criteria
Proposals will be evaluated based on 1) the extent to which the proposed activity supports the goals of 4TU-NIRICT (“Why”), 2) specificity of the proposal regarding “What” and “When”, and 3) appropriateness of the amount of funding requested (“How much”).

Priority will be given to proposals from junior members of the community, assistant professors, in particular those in a tenure-track position.

Applications can be submitted until May 1, 2021

Applications will be evaluated by the 4TU.NIRICT board.

Applicants will be notified of the decision on acceptance at the latest. June 1, 2021

Please submit the proposal conform the above format as a one A4 pdf file by e-mail to Margje Mommers (

If funding is awarded, we request a publicly available report on the activity or measure (e.g., in the form of a website featuring a written and/or visual report, a short movie, etc.) and for a presentation of the outcomes at the 4TU.NIRICT Community Day. If the nature of the type of measure or activity does not warrant such publicity, e.g., for privacy reasons, please indicate so already in the proposal. The financial administration of the funding is to be discussed with 4TU.NIRICT. It can either be via a direct invoice to 4TU.NIRICT or a reimbursement. Both need accordance in advance and must be arranged within one month after the funding has been used.