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4TU.CybSec Syllabus Mentoring by Alumni until 2016/2017 (MbA)

Credits: 0 EC during the test phase 1 EC once operational

Delivery: This course takes place off-site on three full days.

Motivation: A cyber security professional must be able to communicate with other professionals in their language. This means that a cyber security professional must have excellent transferrable skills, including presentation, writing, interview, feedback, and reflection skills.

Synopsis: A recent graduate will mentor a group of students during a full academic year. The mentor invites his/her mentees to his office. The mentor and students (re)train one or more transferrable skills during the session.

Aim: To give students a good understanding of the transferable skills of Cyber Security.

Learning outcomes: The student will acquire:

 Language: The course is taught in English.

Lecturers: Prof dr Pieter Hartel (UT+TUD) and alumni as mentors.

Examination: After each training day, students must reflect on what they have learned and ask the mentor to sign it off.

Contents: Intervision, reflection, interview, feedback, handling different stakeholders, technology in organisations, governance of cyber security in organisations.

Sample problems:

Core text: None.