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With respect to water, research is essential for everyone all across the world. Water research goes further than just water. It improves our safety, our access to clean drinking water and the protection of our ecosystem.

Dynamic models

Mathematics is used to test dynamic models and see if the data that is measured in the field can be reproduced. Ultimately these models are able to predict results in the real world.

Data assimilation is used to improve our safety by using models of our waterways. Transport of salt is traced to see if salt penetrates areas with freshwater. This means that our clean drinking water can be contaminated with saltwater. Fitting models to this transport of salt in water could help us keep the water clean.

In addition, making models of tracing other sediments will give us more insight into the influence of sediments on our ecosystem. More sediments in water means less light under water and therefore less growth of animals and plants. This can influence the food supply in our ecosystem.