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The envisioned energy transition toward a sustainable system leads to fundamental changes in the energy supply chain. Mathematics can help to face this transition.

Electricity grid

In the upcoming years the electrification of heating and transport will lead to a substantially increased electricity demand which will also be more fluctuating and synchronized. In addition, the introduction of sustainable generation based on renewable sources is a major issue. These renewable resources are given by very fluctuating and uncontrollable sources such as sun, water, and wind power. The generation based on these sources is mainly done by small decentralized generators.

Necessary research

To cope with these changes without large investments in grid infrastructure, in the last few years the concept of ‘Smart Grids’ or ‘Smart Energy Systems’ came up. This means that communication and intelligent control have to be added to the electricity grid. To realize this concept in practice, a lot of research on economic aspects and control issues is needed.

Within the Energy research team, we will increase the efficiency of supply, deal with uncertainty and fluctuations, adapt financial models to the envisioned changes, and develop market mechanisms to adapt to the needs of customers.