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Collaboration 4TU.AMI and Matheon

Monday, 17 October 2016
On October 17, 2016 a Collaboration Agreement was signed between a Dutch and German Mathematics Research Centre.

Matheon & 4TU.AMI

Collaboration Agreement between Dutch and German Mathematics Research Centres

OnĀ October 17, 2016, Prof. Kees Vuik (TU-Delft) on behalf of 4TU.AMI (The 4 Technical Universities in the Netherlands) and Prof. Dr. Martin Skutella (TU-Berlin) on behalf of Matheon (Research Center ā€œMathematics for Key Technologiesā€ ( signed a cooperative agreement between these two national research centres.

There missions are similar: ā€œto bring advanced mathematics to key technologies and complex systemsā€. This in the confident expectation that by working together will add value to the separate efforts of the two centres. This agreement is a continuation (for 6 years) of the previous (2010-2015) successful cooperation period on Mathematics for Key Technologies.

4TU.AMI and its German counterpart Matheon form one of the largest clusters on the field of Ā mathematics in Europe.Ā This agreement establishes a framework for mutual assistance in achieving their aims in the field of Applied Mathematics and Education.

It will support collaborative research, relationships, exchange of students, junior and senior researchers, educational programs in mathematical modelling and its applications, e-learning and didactics of mathematics forĀ  university students of the TU-ā€˜s, and programs that stimulate interest in mathematics for secondary students.

Date: 17 October 2016