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Winners SIAM Hackaton 2023

Friday, 31 March 2023

The SIAM Hackathon 2023 took place on 25-26 February 2023 as part of the Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (CSE23) in Amsterdam.

The two-day event focused on creating cutting-edge mathematical solutions to real-world problems in industry. During these two days, over 100 participants worked in small teams to solve one of six challenges, provided by the participating industry partners ASML, AMD, Siemens, KUKA, Roche Institute, and Amazon.

At the end of the first round, each team got to present their solution to the other teams that solved the same challenge. The winners of each challenge proceeded to the next round, where they got to present their solution to all hackathon participants in more details, and answered questions from the audience.

The overall winner of the hackathon was team Go'round, consisting of the following PhD students:

In the first round, team Go'round solved the task set by industry partner KUKA. The goal was to develop an approach for calculating collision-free paths for cross-vehicle route planning.

Participants in the KUKA challenge were given a map of a warehouse, consisting of a directed graph containing several boxes and robots. Robots were allowed to move along the arcs of the graph to pick up and move boxes, but were not allowed to collide with other robots, or -when carrying a box- visit a node containing another box.

After they presented their solution to this multi-agent package delivery problem to the other participants of the KUKA challenge, team Go'round was chosen by KUKA as the winner of their challenge. The team was then given a short time to adapt their presentation and make it suitable for all participants of the hackathon, including the ones that worked on other challenges in the first round.

After the six winners of the first round gave their presentations and answered questions from the audience, the industry partners -who were not allowed to vote for the winner of their own challenge- determined the overall winner. 

4TU.AMI congratulates team Go'round with winning the SIAM Hackathon 2023!

From left to right: Daniel Fink (KUKA challenge host), Tjeerd Jan Heeringa (University of Twente), Wouter van Harten (Radboud University), Ikrom Akramov (Technical University of Hamburg), Wil Schilders (Chair SIAM CSE 2023).