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Connection secondary school - University

Promoting the connection between pre-university secondary school and academic education in the field of mathematics.

Connection Secondary school - University


The changeover from pre-university secondary education to academic education regarding mathematics has the unremitting attention of 4TU.AMI. The purpose of all actions is to eliminate deficiencies and positively influence the transfer from secondary school to university.


2011 - ongoing


Activities have been developed to promote the connection between secondary school and university. They provide the pre-university student with insight into mathematics as taught at the four universities. Secondary school math teachers are being deployed in education and didactics at the university.

The student can join online courses in Mathematics D and practicals. Guest lectures and math science classes have been set up and there is a pre-university-MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) calculus. Secondary school teachers participate in first-year mathematics instructions, are involved in assessment and mentoring and influence the structure of courses for teacher training. University teaching staff gain a better insight into their first-year audience.

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