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Open Up Match project

Prepare the institutions, technology and teaching community to share, find and reuse each other’s educational resources.

Open Up Math project


The project initially focused on the conditions needed to (technically) share educational resources under open licenses. During the project the project team realized that these conditions only become relevant in the case of an active community of math teachers. First, they have to find each other, each other’s experiences, ideas, and resources. Only then there will be a need for technical conditions.

Because of this insight the focus changed during the project towards community building and managing, and less towards the conditions of open sharing of educational resources and its implementation in practice.


2017 - 2018


The original focus on work packages changed towards stronger focus on community building and management. At the same time the universities experimented with sharing educational resources, using tools such as a learning management system MOODLE and a repository for educational resources Equella.

The project team learned from a survey late 2017 among the 4TU teaching community, that getting to know and meet each other, and discus topics subject to mutual interest are considered useful and desirable. However, time seems an important limiting factor.

One might conclude that it is hard for 4TU math teachers to be able to take the time to invest in community activities. Either because the time available is addressed by other pressing daily reality issues or because community activities are not considered important or useful enough in competition with other tasks.

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