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4TU.AMI invests in creating strong networks, collaboration and joint projects between researchers, research institutes and companies.


4TU.AMI stimulates and facilitates strong networks and collaboration between researchers, research institutes and companies. We promote joint projects and regularly organize events where everyone can meet and discuss topics of mutual interest.


AMI invests in a strong network in industry and research partners. Our business network consists of companies that are active in applied mathematics, engineering, software, process management and training.

Research & implementation

AMI has research teams in which members of all the four universities are represented. They exchange knowledge and expertise and carry out joint research. The research results are implemented in innovative projects.

Submit a research request

Companies and existing partners in research and industry can submit a research request with AMI. We will check if there is any ongoing research in this topic and/or get you in touch with the right (group of) researchers.

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