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Thursday 29-30 November 2018

Workshop Energy-Open

International workshop Energy-Open
Nov. 29 ‚Äď 30, 2018

Along with the energy transition to comply to the climate goals, fundamental changes in energy infrastructures are expected to replace electricity production mainly based on fossil fuels by sustainable and renewable energy sources based on e.g. solar, wind, or hydro. Other changes include the ongoing growth of the electricity consumption resulting from an electrification of transport (electric vehicles) and heating (heat pumps), leading to a quite complex integration between the different energy systems of electricity, transportation and heat.

Future energy system will become a complex cyber-physical ecosystem which would require an integrated paradigm for energy management and control systems to cope with challenges in the forms of physical constraints violation, liberalised markets, resource allocation/scheduling, and the resilience of the entire energy system itself.
Synergy between power engineering and  mathematics, computer science, data science,  and economic sciences is necessary to address such cross-cutting issues of future integrated energy systems to optimally achieve the technical, economic, and environmental benefits. The aim of this workshop is to facilitate interaction between these disciplines.

Invited speakers

The workshop aims to bring together researchers from engineering, computer science, and mathematics. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
-       Physical and Commercial micro-grids;
-       Local energy communities;
-       Multi-energy systems;
-       Reliability and resiliency of future integrated energy systems;
-       Multi-dimension planning future energy infrastructures;
-       Complexity in (local) energy market designs;
-       Data-driven models for optimal scheduling and operation;
-       User behavior; 

On behalf of the conference organisers
Madeleine Gibescu (UU), Phoung Nguyen (TU/e) and Bert Zwart (CWI and TU/e).