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Friday 14 June 2019

Company Meeting 2019

To strengthen the ties between industry and the academic world, 4TU.AMI organises an event for selected companies once a year.

Company Meeting 14 June 2019

One of 4TU.AMI’s goals is to strengthen the ties between industry and the academic world. For this reason, 4TU.AMI organizes once a year an event for selected companies.


12.30h: Arrival and lunch

13.00h: Opening
by Kees Vuik (scientific director 4TU.AMI) and Mark Roest (Vortech)

13.15h: What can we learn through Machine Learning that we cannot learn through traditional mathematical modelling alone?
by Antti Honkela (University of Helsinki) 

14.00h: How can we accelerate traditional models for a real time setting? (order reduction, fast solvers)
by Kees Vuik (TU Delft)

14.20h: How to combine traditional models with data (data assimilation) in an on-line setting
by Arnold Heemink (TU Delft)

14.40h: What is the added value for the traditional methods for physics modelling? 
by Kathrin Smetana (Twente University)

15.00h: Break

15.30h: NWO and digital twins
by Femke Stephan (NWO)

15.45h: Digital Twins in the EU 
by Wil Schilders

16.00h: Wrap-up and next steps