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Monday 11-15 May 2020

YEP XVI interacting particle systems CANCELLED

YEP XVI: Interacting Particle Systems: duality, scaling limits and invariant measures


Date: May 11-15, 2020
Location: Eurandom, Eindhoven
Organisers: Dr. Richard Kraaij (TU Delft), Prof.dr. Remco van der Hofstad (TU Eindhoven)(scientific organiser), Dr. Conrado da Costa, Durham University (UK), Dr. Federico Sau, 1ST Austria, Vienna (AT), Prof. Dr. Daniel Valesin, University of Groningen


The theory of Interacting Particle Systems focuses on the dynamics of systems consisting of a large or infinite number of entities, in which the mechanism of evolution is random and follows simple, local rules.

The topic had its beginnings in the 70s and 80s, motivated by Statistical Physics and fundamental problems from Probability Theory. It has since developed into a fruitful source of interesting mathematical questions and a very successful framework to model emerging collective complex behavior for systems in a variety of fields, including Biology, Economics and Social Sciences.

The field is sufficiently diverse that there are sub- communities that approach it from very different perspectives. We have identified three broad lines of interest –duality, scaling limits and invariant measures– and have used these to guide selection of speakers. Our goal is to provide an occasion for exchange of experiences and perspectives for young researchers in an immersive week.

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