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Monday 28 January until 1 February 2019


Study Group Mathematics with Industry  


Date: 28 January - 1 Februari 2019
Location: congress center WICC in Wageningen
Organization: Jaap Molenaar (WUR), Vivi Rothschäfer (RUL) en Alessandro di Bucchianico (TU/e)

The Study Group Mathematics with Industry (SWI) is a combined industrial–academic week-long workshop sponsored by NWO. Roughly seventy mathematicians work in groups on problems submitted by companies. Companies present a selection of problems on Monday. The participants devote the entire week to studying these problems in smaller groups, and presents their results on Friday.
SWI is ideal for companies that are new to cooperation with academia. The event is often a first step towards a fruitful long-term collaboration between companies and academia.

Monday morning: presentation of open problems by companies
Monday afternoon: initial modelling discussions of problem owners with participants
Tuesday - Thursday: whole day sessions of the teams to work on the problems. Meanwhile the problem owners are contacted when needed.
Friday morning: final presentation of the outcomes
After the modelling week: writing of two types of reports: a. popularized version for a broad audience, b. scientific reports containing the mathematical approaches and the conclusions.

For more information: SWI 2019
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