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Sunday 16-20 February 2020

SCEE 2020

SCEE 2020 

Date: February 16-20, 2020
Location: Academic Society, Eindhoven
Organisation: Prof.dr. W.H.A. Schilders, Dr. N.V. Budko and M.C. van Beurden.

SCEE2020 is organised for the discussion and dissemination of computational and analytical methods in electrical and electronic engineering.

The main emphasis of contributions should be on methods and new techniques, or the application of existing techniques in a novel way.

Whilst papers with immediate application to particular engineering problems are welcome, so too are papers that form a basis for further development of numerical methods in the area of study.

Intended results

An important intended result is to obtain new scientific insights, inspiration and cross-pollination for numerical mathematicians (junior and senior), in the field of electrical/electronic engineering. It is felt that these topics are important new developments that can spark new research in the scientific computing society.

Another intended result is to offer concrete career opportunities to present junior researchers and, conversely, to introduce talented junior researchers to current senior researchers (from academic institutions, government institutions, and the business community). All PhD students attending are expected to present a poster and participate in the “poster blitz” (1 minute advertisement of their poster).

Programme and information

Programme: SCEE 2020 (pdf)
More information and registration: see website