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Precision Medicine
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Precision Medicine


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Societal Challenge

Vitality and Sustainability

We envisage that in a decade the program will have contributed to establishing (i) accurate, early and differential diagnosis in the setting of specialized cancer centers, substantially reducing time from early symptoms to diagnosis, (ii) improved and personalized risk stratification, leading to improved prevention, and reducing overtreatment, and (iii) fast precision diagnostics for therapy selection in the acute disease stages, leading to decreased morbidity and mortality.

The programā€™s focus on precision medicine lies squarely in the remit of 4TU research theme health and vitality to systematically develop an integrated and complete approach to measure, monitor, and act upon an individualā€™s health issues. Furthermore, the programā€™s contribution to early diagnosis is perfectly in line with UNā€™sĀ sustainable developmentĀ goal to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being at all ages and strengthen the capacity of countries for early warning and risk reduction. It yields an immediate response to EUā€™sĀ societal challengeĀ regarding health, demographic change and well-being by contributing to the sustainability of healthcare systems. It is also expected to deliver key enabling technologies for EUā€™s healthcare industry by introducing new functionalities and added value to existing products and processes.